Good Morning Vietnam III The Phoenix Program #GMVIII #Timeless

Good Morning Vietnam III The Phoenix Program
by MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental

This album has been at the top of my charts since I first heard it last year, January 2015.  Its the 3rd following 2012's Good Morning Vietnam and Good Morning Vietnam 2, The Golden Triangle in 2013.  The intro to MF Grimm's longest running collab alongside beatsmith Drasar Monumental.  On a recent interview it was revealed that the two have formed a group called No Jugamos. Looking forward to Vendetta Vinyl in 2016, and learning more about The Illiad if more is revealed.  It's a project referenced on the back vinyl cover of the first Good Morning Vietnam series under a track titled ((Mater Matuta)).  Below is a video from Good Morning Vietnam III, The Phoenix Program titled ((Hands Up to Heaven, Feet Firm in Hell))

GMVI (2012), GMVII (2013), & GMVIII (2014)...These records championed each year they were released like a Bulls or Lakers three peat...the third taking the listener back to the beginning in attempt to tie the story line together.  I take away something new with each listen.  It's structure is cinematic, movie-like... a work of audio art  turning the volume up on the comic book world.  The way it's composed from the beats to the rhymes inspires research.  There's a lot of sound citations the listener can explore and revisit, rotate, and rotate again. I'm reminded of the radio skit on Enter the 36 Chambers where a caller requests Wu Tang's ((Protect Your Neck))... "Ahh yeah, again and again..." It's been like that over the past three years with the GMV series. 

Good Morning Vietnam inspired a new section of the blog site titled "Timeless" specifically for records released present day that I feel will stand the test of time.  GMVIII, representing for the entire GMV series will be the first certified #Timeless.

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