INSTRUMENTALS (4 My Blood Brother):

I. Slum Village - "Tainted"
Afu-Ra - "Whirldwind Thru Cities"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation"
AZ (LES) - "Sugar Hill"
Common (No ID) - "I Used to Love HER"
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Kev Brown) - "For Da Love of the Game"
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Kev Brown) - "Muzik Lounge"
Hi-Tek - "1999"
Hi-Tek - "Respiration"
Souls of Mischief - "93' Til' Infinity"
Irv Gotti (Isaac Hayes) - "Can I Live"
Jay Dee (Dilla) - "Climax"
Outkast ((Organized Noize))
Pete Rock - "The World is Yours"
The RZA - "America"
Ski - "Dead Presidents"
Ski - "Feelin' It"
XVIII. Slum Village - "La, La"

This evening got together with my second to the youngest brother who was reminding me about all the cassette tapes I use to make him back when. We went through one of the external drives and scrolled through a list of beats. The track list above is the result of his selections.

For a lil' while now I've been thinking about re-posting all the playlists that were documented from back when during my time at 91.5 fm including the earlier programs that were dubbed on tape.  The idea is part of the Tape Decks (Audiobiography) that will be posted online someday.

In no particular order as far as date goes, I'll be posting those playlists on this blog site, including the mixtapes I've been putting together lately and some of the assembled CDs. This will also date back to the very first tape I dubbed of the Street Beat program out at UNM during the summer of 2000 (when it all started).  Props to Garret & Leo.

On occasion posts will also include images, fliers, thoughts and sometimes digitized audio from the cassettes that are boxed up in storage. To 91.5, 2000-2008, before and after.