((Industry)) by Cormega & Large Professor / 1Track@aTime 5.24.2014

1Track@aTime 5.24.2014

Again, this week's track comes by way of Cos-sign Collective from an email that was sent out on the new single release from the highly anticipated Mega Philosophy record by Cormega produced by Large Professor.  It's set to be released this summer 2014!  According to the iTunes page the expected release date is July 22, 2014.  Not sure if that's just for iTunes or if that includes the physical copy as well. The cover art for the "Industry" single is designed by Ibrahim Sincere and depicts legends that have passed on in a "last supper" scene.

In the ride I must've replayed the Soundcloud audio over a dozen times.  Its no problem waiting on a new Mega project considering the high standard of album's released prior with records like Born & Raised, The Testament, The True Meaning, The Realness, and compilation projects and features in between.  The solo records especially hold serious replay value... so for future projects the wait is worth it especially after listening to ((Industry)) and being aware of the ((Sugar Ray & Hearns)) history between Mega & Large Pro.  I think of tracks like ((Journey)) I heard years prior with the Large Pro verse and then again on the Born & Raised record w/ Mega only and a number of other collaborative efforts from years passed such as ((The Come Up)) and also Mega's feature on Large Pro's last album Professor @ Large.  The history is there even beyond those projects for both Hip Hop alumni Mega and Extra P... so it's a record I encourage you all to make note of this summer amongst several other producer/MC projects that have been released this year (and that are set to come out) including the Good Morning Vietnam III record that I'm also looking forward to from the collaborative force of MF Grimm and Drasar Monumental.  

So with that said, I'll leave you all with a few notes & links on the upcoming Mega Philosophy record, including an article which Mega shares a record execs response to him playing ((Industry)) for them.  I hope you all take the time to look up Ibrahim Sincere and support the this record!  Til' the next update...

Peace to B.Dune and the Fresh Produce rotation live on mixlr for rotating the ((Industry)) single as part of the 1Track@aTime segment on FP Show No. 15!

AllHipHop.com / Cormega Returns w/ New Single "Industry" Produced by Large Professor: click here

You can hear the Mega Philosophy single ((Industry)) at the Soundcloud linked here

Here goes an album cover I saw on the iTunes page.  There are a couple other covers I noticed promoting the record.



((Fly By Night)) by Maurice Mobetta, Kweli, Sermons / 1Track@aTime 5.17.2014

1Track@aTime 5.17.2014
((Fly By Night))

One from the Co-sign Collective catalog and the focus of the third Fresh Produce program in May.  B.Dune rotated the intro track featuring Talib Kweli ((Fly By Night)) also featuring Saunders Sermons, record titled Maurice vs. Mobetta off Brown Records.  This one influenced my purchase of Gravitas!  For more info on Maurice Brown here's the site: mauricebrown.net.  Had me thinking about the Spike Lee Joint Mo Betta Blues... in addition I want to direct your attention to the outro track featuring Jean Grae.  Excellent close to a record I enjoyed.

((Supreme)) by Zion I / 1Track@aTime 5.10.2014

1Track@aTime 5.10.2014

Took a few days off the week of finals to wrap up grading but before locking in decided to send through the latest rotation from Zion I, a long time favorite duo of mine, featuring MC Zumbi and producer AmpLive.  This is off the Masters of Ceremony EP, shout out to Jess at Co-sign Collective for servicing the digital.  It took me back to days of ((Boom Bip)) when our radio show started to fill in rotation with all kinds of Cali heavy hitters we would discover through radio promotional, downloads, and the campus community.  The Masters of Ceremony was a perfect outro for the graduating class of 2014, especially the rotation of ((Supreme)).  The entire EP is one for the summer! 

Fresh Produce rotation also included the follow up track ((Masters of Ceremony)).  Be sure to check out the videos below to both ((Supreme)) and ((Masters of Ceremony)).  If its me, I'm transition from Masters of Ceremony into something off the Rise Up record from Zeph and Azeem!

The mixlr Interview w/ B.Dune

The mixlr Interview w/ B.Dune

With the Fresh Produce show switching platforms from 91.5 fm to mixlr, I decided to text a few questions to Dune to give visitors an idea of how he stumbled across the application... what's its used for...the challenges of using the platform... and the purpose of mixlr as it relates to music rotation, broadcasting, Dune, and everyone else interested in registering with mixlr to either follow Fresh Produce or create a show of their own!  Check it out.

repshowhost:  When did you first learn of mixlr?

B.Dune:  I learned of mixlr doing a Google search for "broadcasting from home"... I knew the KRUX semester would end soon and be done ... [and plus] with my child being born, I knew I would have to find a different platform for broadcasting if the FP show was to continue on.  mixlr has the nicest layout and has user friendly compatibility so I knew it was a winner.

repshowhost:  For the way you approach rotation how is a platform like mixlr beneficial?

B.Dune:  It is beneficial due to its diverse useability and multitude of broadcasting capabilities with the intertwined social media layout, recording ability, and archive functions.  You get a home broadcasting setup rolled all in one unit and with its use through Facebook, the possibilities are endless.  You're able to reach the masses very quickly with the mixlr setup, which is exactly what I've been looking for.

repshowhost:  What are your goals with mixlr moving forward?

B.Dune:  My goals moving forward with mixlr would be to promote the Fresh Produce mixlr page, show and reach an even broader spectrum audience on a weekly basis, and also to possibly have an automation of past shows streaming 24/7 when the live show is off air.

repshowhost:  Since you just started using mixlr, what are some of the challenges and what functions do you like/dislike when compared to traditional radio broadcasting?

B.Dune:  The challenges I've experienced seem to be a trial and error issues.  mixlr makes it very easy to start broadcasting right away, but none the less, it seems we overlook the simplest challenges, resorting to extended time dealing with issues that would otherwise be a simple fix.  Things i do not like about the app... hmmm. well other than there is not a side window that has NES playable roms (lol)... and maybe a background image customizing function... I'd say I'm pretty happy with the whole app.  I love the jump in and go feel it has, the easy to understand layout and buttons, help messages that display when you click on buttons, and the great options for broadcasting from soundcloud or your owner mp3 tracks... it's a broadcasting work horse, you can even broadcast Skype calls during a show... it's a wonderful application.

Compared to traditional radio, it's quite reminiscent of the feel, other than being in an actual radio station the feel is there, plus you customize your own studio... wait a minute... this is a radio station... this is Fresh Produce, FPR baby!

repshowhost:  For someone that doesn't know what mixlr is how would you define what it means to you?

B.Dune:  mixlr is an all in one broadcasting platform that does what you want it to, this is the future of broadcasting  without an antenna... it allows me to take flight inside my own space and reach the masses from one side of the world to the other on a moment's notice!

repshowhost:  The Fresh Produce show broadcasts live every Saturday from 10PM to midnight.  You can tune in by clicking on Fresh Produce mixlr link.  Get registered!  Its free and you can follow broadcasts of your choice.  In addition, you can check out past shows on the archive, click here.  Fresh Produce features the 1Track@aTime rotation presented by repshowhost.  The Fresh Produce show also makes its playlist available through Soundcloud and includes free access to music that is available for MP3 download.  Soundcloud is available as a free app for your mobile devices.  Highly recommended if you're on the go, in the ride, and need something to listen to.  For the Fresh Produce Soundcloud page, click here. 

((No Love)) by Little Dragon / 1Track@aTime 5.3.2014

1Track@aTime 5.3.2014
((No Love))

The transition from Spring to Summer changed rotation for our good friend B.Dune as he began searching for a new platform to host the Fresh Produce radio show.  We all love KRUX but at some point it doesn't last forever.  Or sometimes its going through its own changes that requires disc jockeys to be out of commission.  Whether its because of summer break, technical issues, upgrades at the station, winter break, or post graduation.  Sometimes, it's our own situations that either relocate us away from the University or in Dunes' case brings new responsibilities such as fatherhood! 

I recall a few years ago as an undergrad always throwing my name in to get on the winter schedule.  During the summer's I was away for internship but stayed on campus a couple of times and got the chance to continue rotation throughout the week, sometimes shifting to an earlier time slot or extending the time slot past two hours.  

With the semester coming to a close I wasn't sure whether the Fresh Produce would still broadcast.  I also learned that the station was making plans to upgrade the automation system throughout the summer and possibly the rest of the year. 

Backtrack a couple of months before this and I was reading Issue 56 of Waxpoetics.  I've been subscribed since the earliest issues but have probably had time to make it past 20% of the content, often times the magazine is still in the plastic cover that it arrives in through the mail.  So I start with a random issue sometimes and work my way through the articles, referencing artists so that I can hear what I'm reading about. 

On Issue 56 I got the copy with the "Loop Digga & Jazz Futurist" Madlib on one side and "Disc Jockey & Breaks Godfather" Kool Herc on the other.  This is my all time favorite magazine, so I try not to skip articles.  Even if its to get something I may want to read about right away.  In working through the first few pages I got to the piece by Allen Thayer w/ cool photos by Chris Saunders.  On an alternate issue, Little Dragon is on the cover.  The story introduced to me the background of Little Dragon, their studio/homebase of Gothenburg, Sweden, and members, Erik Bodin, Hakan Wirenstrand, Fredrik Wallin, and Yukimi Nagano.  Below is a quote from the article that describes a sound and singer I just had to hear...

"Lyrically, Yukimi crafts subtle, yet infectious, vocal hooks delivered with New Jack sass, offering glimpses of intimacy shrouded in synth washes, crisp drums, and bass throbs.  She aims for the heartstrings, recognizing that it's not about what you sing, but that it sounds way better when you sing it with soul.  "You can have a poem that's beautiful, but to sing it might sound wack, because of the syllables, stuff like that," she explains.  "You can have a melody that's beautiful, but [the words] can actually not make sense at all, and people will [still] feel so touched.  And then you can have something on a piece of paper and it would sound amazing, but it wouldn't mean anything in a musical context, if its not right.  I think that some lyrics can be so simple and can make so much sense musically bu t be like the worst poem ever."

Scanning through a few videos it was the 'Little Man (Yours Truly)' YouTube that sold me on checking them out... starting with their debut record.  Most copies were ridiculously priced, except for one I found through Barnes & Nobles online.  I wasn't sure what to expect but also wasn't surprised by how good it was considering the write up... it was great to discover a band with its own character, and what felt like it's own unique sound.  It would also be the first time I'd talk about a soulful band from Sweden.  I thought about the obscure CD cover and what their sound said about where they're from or who they were inspired by.

Unsure if Dune was doing a show or not, I decided to shoot him a note about the Little Dragon debut.  Though 1Track@aTime is usually focused on new tracks, I thought about mixing it up every so often with tracks from debut records of artist we've just learned about.  Once I sent the track through, Dune mentioned he'd still be broadcasting throughout the summer (and permanently) straight from the comfort of his home through an online broadcast application called Mixlr.

We focused on ((No Love)) which I felt complimented the rotation on Fresh Produce, especially with its focus on producers from all over the globe.  In addition to ((No Love)) we also fit in rotation from a YouTube instrumental identified as ((Twice)). 

This marks the beginning of the Fresh Produce show on MixLR which you can visit by clicking here.

You can peep the Little Dragon rotation on the Fresh Produce Show No. 12, click here.

((Out of Nothing)) by i.deals / 1Track@aTime 4.25.2014

1Track@aTime 4.25.2014
((Out of Nothing))

Closing out the semester for the summer break the final 1Track@aTime on KRUX 91.5 fm for Spring 14' was dedicated to the sophomore release produced by IV the Polymath featuring Jondis on the mic (i.deals), i.deology.  This was a follow up to the single rotation back in March of ((Due To)).  A dope project from the creative duo ... they go by i.deals and if you've never heard their material I highly recommend going back and working your way up to i.deology.  It begins with the i.deals EP and the Spill record and several other tracks including one of my all time favorite, ((1,2)) off IV's Drum Machines Have No Soul project.  I've been keeping up with IV since the No Sleep days, several of his projects including the latest i.deology have been released as cassette tapes... a throwback to the portable players from back when...the mode, direction, play, and stop days!  The track we featured is titled ((Out of Nothing))... a dope concept that makes me think of Hip Hop, starting from scratch, independent thought, and as it relates to music... creating new ideas.  In so far as how it relates to IV, I think about his approach to production as a musician.

We also featured an instrumental from IV titled ((Proceed)).  This track was dedicated to the birth of two baby girls, one being our Brother Dune's baby girl Lil' Aria out in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the other our Brother Gravity's neice, Lil' Gia in New Jersey.  Both arrived to the world on the same day and I called it!  Hahahaha.  I felt ((Proceed)) captured that sound and just a whole new step forward for the families in our lives.  This program's definitely dedicated to them and B.Dune's taking the time this week as a father to represent for the listeners.

In addition to labeling this record under the 1Track@aTime category for the blog, we're also labeling it under LHHS charts, No. 2 effective May 2014 which you can view to the right.

p.s. to purchase a copy of the i.deology digitally or as cassette click on the album cover above! 


Vinylart: Brothers Hildebrandt

Vinylart / Hildebrandt

There are a lot of reasons why I collect vinyl.  Sometimes its cause I want to recapture what my parent's lost.  Most of the time its for the music.  In other instances its cause I'm trying to collect every single record by a particular artist or group.  Sometimes its for a sample.  Sometimes its for a mixtape I'm working on.  And there have been times where its for other people. 

Collecting records has been a steady hobby of mine for exactly fourteen years.  I grew up a child of the 80s observing my father's collection, watching my parents dance, party, and hang out with their collection of wax in the background.

Over the years, life's work+study+time for everything else has subsided the collection routes I'd take on a typical day off.  Especially as the collection continued to grow beyond what I was actually taking the time to listen to. It made for the occasional visits to a Goodwill, an antique spot, an estate sale, All That Music, etc. a lot less frequent. 

Lately, I've been digging in the storage stacks that I've forgotten about reminiscing of digs in ABQ, Santa Fe, El Paso, the Bay Area, and Austin.  The record above I didn't get for the sound... as a matter of fact after revisiting the record, I didn't like the sound at all.  Looking at the cover, I do recall how it caught my attention when I discovered it.  I thought of the old He-Man Masters of the Universe cartoon I use to watch as a kid... couldn't get that visual out of my head, but it also struck a nerve with memories I had of other unusual record covers that dealt with planets and space... maybe some of my father's Earth, Wind and Fire records.  I liked the tone, the feel of this record cover.  It felt rich in color, in detail, vintage. 

Fast forward present day and I stared at the record one morning, observing the details, listening to the album itself.  I shared it with a co-worker who's into art.  For the most part I was wondering about the artist responsible... how much time went into it and the significance of the name appearing on the album cover itself... "Hildebrandt".  To me it said a lot for an artist to have their name on the cover with the group.  Not knowing much about art... I had no idea who it was and it turns out that the artist was also the illustrator for old Star Wars promotion, of which the co-worker I shared this with is a big fan. It opened up other stories about the artists themselves and their work... "Brothers Hildebrandt" which in a quick search I stumbled across the video below.

It made me think all these years collecting and how much of it was determined by the cover art, itself... not only the music or the reasons mentioned above.  It's what led me towards the waxpoetics book on Cover Art and a project I envisioned in Book Arts to create a vinyl-cover sized book of my own personal collection.  Or maybe a definitive collection with story/reviews.  Not just your standard review about the album, but of what the album itself means to my life. 

For this blog I've been inspired to create a label for posts called Vinylart.  This is to include standard covers with actual portraits, photographs, etc.  To scan the covers I use a large printer scanner or sometimes I'll try to get the lighting where I need it and shoot a shot with a digital camera. 

Here's the vid about the Brothers Hildebrandt.